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Thanks to the generosity of the local community, the Goodnow Family, and the Sudbury Foundation, the renovation of the Historical Room is nearly done!


To read more about the Goodnow Family's role in this project, please click HERE.

The renovation plans focus on opening the Historical Room as a quiet space for reading, writing, and studying, while preserving Goodnow’s extensive archival material through protective shelving and cabinetry. Library patrons have long requested such a welcoming space and with this renovation we are making their wishes a reality.

Click HERE to view a downloadable/printable flyer.


  • Rehabilitate existing shelving for the local history book collections and art collections

  • Secure and customize storage for unique documents, maps, and artifacts in the Library’s local history collection

  • Install acoustic buffering to facilitate quiet space

  • Add custom study tables with task lights and wood chairs, plus additional arm chairs for reading


  • The number of people using the Library on a daily basis has grown over the years

  • As Goodnow has become more active and loud, patrons have been asking for a quiet place to read, study, and work

  • Goodnow maintains an impressive collection of historical collections, documents, maps, and artifacts that must be protected


  • At Town Meeting in September 2020, $150,000 in funding was approved for the Library, from the Historic Resources category of the Community Preservation Fund, to renovate the Historical Room

  • In 2021 the Board of the Directors of the Foundation kicked off its successful campaign to raise $50,000 to complete this transformational project. They reached out to the Library's patrons, as well as corporate and foundation partners, to support this project.

Examples of artifacts that are stored in the Historical Room include The Sudbury Common Survey (July 4, 1805) and a panel painted for Georgeanna Goodnow, born in 1847.

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