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Civil War Statue

Since 2013, the Foundation has cared for the Civil War Statue on the front lawn of the Library. After initially restoring the statue and providing new landscaping, signage, and lighting, the Foundation now cleans and maintains it on an annual basis.


Sincere thanks to John Bradshaw, Jr. (“Jay”) of Belgrade, Maine, who continues to honor the legacy of his late father, John R. Bradshaw (“Jack”) (1930–2020) of Nelson, New Hampshire, by ensuring the maintenance of Goodnow’s Civil War Statue in perpetuity.


The senior John Bradshaw was born in Framingham and educated in the Sudbury schools before serving in the U.S. Marine Corps and attending Northeastern University. In Sudbury, he worked with his father in the family store, for the Sudbury Water District, and for the Sudbury Fire Dept. 


Bradshaw donated funds to the Goodnow Library Foundation “for the purpose of establishing a permanent endowment to maintain the Civil War Statue donated by [his] great grandfather, Samuel B. Rogers, which was designed and built by Badger Bros., Quincy, MA, consisting of a bronze life-size figure of a Union Soldier (the so-called “Federal Infantryman” as described in the dedication pamphlet dated May 30, 1897) … located on the premises of Goodnow Library.”


To learn more about this monument, please visit its page on the Massachusetts Civil War Monument Project website.

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