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The Goodnow Library Foundation was established in 2008 by the Trustees of the Library to support the Goodnow Library's mission of "Improving lives through the power of information, ideas, and innovation."  


The Trustees recognized the urgent need to provide an additional source of revenue for the growing demands of Goodnow in the 21st century: capital improvements, technology upgrades, and physical refurbishments and renovations. 

The Foundation focuses on developing, administering, and allocating funds to provide the extra margin of excellence for the Library by enhancing existing public support for the Library.  Our projects have been supported by various funding sources including private gifts from individuals, foundations, and corporate partners.  As more and more communities embrace library foundations as a forward-thinking way of securing the future of their libraries, the GLF is proud to have donated approximately $500,000 to the Library since its inception as a 501(c)(3).

The GLF is committed to working in tandem with the Library Director Esmé Green, Library Trustees, and Sudbury town officials. In this capacity, the GLF also spends significant hours in its work to foster Goodnow's role as a vibrant and bustling hub for the Sudbury community and beyond. It hosts events and small receptions, coordinates programs, and runs a virtual booksale to support Goodnow. It hosts annual galas to bring the community together. It has produced art shows that bring students and adults of all ages into the Library. It engages the community with STEAM fairs and it also has hosted a Community Information Fair so that all local non-profits could exhibit the good work that they do for the local community.


The Foundation is committed to helping the Library develop as a 21-st century library to attain its vision:

  • Be a primary resource for learning and literacy

  • Be socially equitable and accessible to all

  • Be a valued community partner

  • Be proactive and responsive to community needs.

To read the GLF's Strategic Plan for 2018 -2021, please click HERE.