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The Goodnow Library Foundation is thrilled to share that the Book Nook — an ongoing and open-24/7 book sale — is OPEN! Click HERE to visit. All proceeds from sales are used for the Library’s programming and activities.

We are lucky that Sudbury is such a generous community. THANK YOU! As a result, there is a constant flow of donated books that our volunteers sort and curate into the Book Nook. There are four ways to purchase books.


  1. There are shelves in the lobby of the Library (near the stairwell) with a collections of fiction, non-fiction, cookbooks, travel books, and kid's books. We accept cash or check, or you can pay using your mobile phone by scanning the QR codes.

  2. We have an online store. Click here to visit the online Book Nook.

  3. Twice a year we hold a big in-person book sale in the Community Room of the Goodnow Library. 

  4. You can now purchase new books through, an amazing website with a huge selection of books in many genres. Every time you buy a book, the profits go to the Goodnow Library.

We also offer the following services:

  • The Book Nook offers free delivery to seniors living in Sudbury.

  • You can purchase gift cards to the Book Nook.

  • Free delivery to teachers at Noyes, Haynes, and Loring.

Please note that the Library and the Book Nook are once again accepting donations! More details can be found below.
Thank you for your support!

Goodnow Book Nook book donations wanted
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