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Author Visit: Sami Greenfield

Bury Me In My Bathing Suit

Tuesday, May 23, 7pm

Goodnow Library, 21 Concord Road, Sudbury


Gathering the courage to write a eulogy, or a wedding, bar mitzvah, graduation, or birthday toast can be challenging. Making your audience laugh through their tears is typically the goal. Sami Greenfield’s stories on grief, love, infertility, fear, and gratitude are meant to inspire readers to share their own bursts of joy when they raise a glass. In Bury Me in My Bathing Suit, Greenfield speaks to readers in a funny, deeply personal, and relatable manner, inspiring conversations about difficult subjects.

This is an in-person event at the Goodnow Library, 21 Concord Road, Sudbury.

Brought to you by the Goodnow Library Foundation

Sponsored by Kenneth Vona and Son Construction

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