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Goodnow Develops Internship Program

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Thanks to the Sudbury Foundation and Main Street Bank, in 2019 we formalized our high school internship program and initiated “Goodnow Develops,” a community leadership program.


Our "developers" work in the Foundation office to learn about the daily operations and inner-workings of a nonprofit. Throughout 2019, they partnered with staff and senior volunteers to assist with mailings, database work, event planning, and social media support. In addition to hands-on work in the Sara Sherman NOW Lab helping Goodnow’s Teen Librarian to prepare for activities and classes using the makerspace, our interns created a TechHelp event designed to teach seniors the ins and outs of newer technology. We are grateful for these local grants that allow young people the opportunity to develop skills, training, and awareness to become philanthropic donors and activists in their community.

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